Trailer Services

F&G Truck and Crane offers tractor-trailer services for your heavy weight cargo movement requirements.

F&G has a large fleet of specialized trailers to suit any need:

Tridem Axle

These trailers are used for extremely heavy loads up to 63,000 lbs.

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Step Deck

These trailers are used for extra tall loads that wont fit on your standard high boy trailers. Deck heights for these trailers are usually 41″. Max height before permit is 13’6″, max height permitted is 14’2″.

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Double Drop

These trailers are for especially tall loads and for equipment moving. We have double drops with 29′ in the well and a deck height of 24″. We also have double drops with a removable goose neck for equipment loading.

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These trailers are for especially long loads that a 53′ just can’t handle. Expando trailers can handle up to 90′ loads.

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Super B's

These trailers are great for heavy multiple piece loads. A Super B is two trailers connected together with a pivot point in the middle. Since they have more axles they can handle 93,000 lbs per load.

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24/7 Dispatch

Call 604.888.5150 to book a crane or truck.
Or call 604.970.6004 for after hours and emergency dispatch.


F&G Truck and Crane has a complete line of Folding Boom Cranes and Stiff Boom Cranes ranging from 1 ton to 125 ton with the payload capacity up to 44,000 lbs.

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F&G Truck and Crane has competitive rates for in town service as well as line haul service throughout the province of British Columbia.

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F&G Truck and Crane can transport all types of products ranging from a few bolts to massive structures. We provide pick up and delivery service with our own flatbed vehicles.

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At F&G Truck and Crane our main service is problem solving. Our seasoned professionals bring you more than 50 years industry experience and a proven track record for handling difficult projects.

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